Virginia Long-Term Care Partnership

This innovative program gives Virginians access to high quality, long-term care (LTC) insurance with Dollar-For-Dollar Asset Protection so you can keep more of your life's savings. And maybe best of all, it comes with the assurance of knowing that when the need for long-term care arises, you will have control over your long-term care decisions.

There are two key questions when it comes to LTC insurance:

Do I Need LTC Insurance?

Most of us will need long-term care at some point in our lifetimes, and the cost of long-term care is very expensive. When you need long-term care, it's too late to think about insurance to apply for LTC insurance, you should be in good general health.

Most health insurance policies (including Medicare) do not pay for extensive long-term care.

How Do I Buy LTC Insurance?

Contact an insurance agent, an insurance broker, or a financial advisor. Be sure to ask for the Partnership Policy as it's the only policy that provides for Dollar-For-Dollar Asset Protection. The policy you purchase must be qualified by the Commonwealth of Virginia as a Partnership Policy in order to receive Dollar-For-Dollar Asset Protection.

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